Today is the dreaded day!

Family : A group of people, mostly blood related that live in the misconception that they know you and also unnecessarily burden themselves with a totally-not-asked-for responsibility of making all major decisions of your life.

Another dreaded family get together. Another argument with mom, fighting an already lost match with fate keeping in place my pleas how I donot want to go. But the bags are already packed. And now there is no turning back.

Maybe this is how it all ends. I knew my happy days weren't meant to last this long.
I know when I'll return it won't be the same. A non-repairable damage to the brain and IQ. A self delusional image of being very pretty and stick thin even when the rest of the world thinks I am a baby elephant. Suddenly realizing that sweets are the second best food in the world after ghee and dipping everything in 5 inches of oil before eating. This is what family get togethers are all about. Also about knowing that the sole purpose of my existence is getting married and producing gooye eyed, sneazing, leaking shit machines called kids.
Family get togethers are also about realising that I am turning into exactly that monster that my family thinks is a disgrace to the society. But ofcourse for them I am a harmless cow.

But the best part is even knowing what disasters and socially awkward phases these get togethers end into I can't avoid going to it.
Wish me luck!

P.S : Unlike what everyone thinks, I still remember I have a blog.


  1. I don't get the obsession with women and babies. I just don't.

  2. Me neither. Men are obsessed with women. Women with kids. Kids grow up to be obsessed with either women or kids. Its a circle.

  3. Ditto. :| All the very best!! :) I hope, really hope, what you dread, doesn't happen.

    PS: That monster part... that is me as well. Sigh.

  4. all the best. life offers only that which we need the most and that which we are ready to deal with. you are your own scriptwriter, but it is influenced by 'relation,' between you and all other phenomena.

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