New Chapter.

Bye 10 hours of sleep.
Bye 27 hours of internet surfing.
Bye Family Drama.
Bye forced upon saas-bahu serials. 
Bye friends.
Bye convenient and 24x7 whatsapp/BBM/Twitter.
Bye flexible potty schedule.

Hello, 8 hour working routine.
Hello, Monday Hate Club.
Hello, MS Excel reports.

Hello, Indian (and dirty) Restrooms. 
Hello, Articleship Training :D

God, give me courage to bear work for three years and also pliss re-instill the enthusiasm. 


  1. God Bless and All the best :)

  2. @The Guy : Thank you. :D
    @Soumya : :D Thank you.

  3. This anon option is really naice, I can tell you I missed you and you won't ever know.


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