Change. Choices. Contentment.

I feel change is like the Earth's rotation. I know I am changing every day bit by bit but I don't realize it. And then one day I am like "Woaah! I have changed so much". The choices I made after dwelling on them for hours and actually liking them suddenly one day seem immature and impractical.

 What changes? Priorities? Point of views? One day success for me maybe having a lot of money but then the other day it's about being independent and making my own decisions. But do I really want to make my own decisions? I don't know. I wanted to when I was in school. Desperately. But little did I know then that my future was going to be a continuous series of different choices and how I'd give anything for someone else to make those choices for me. We human beings are weird. We always want what we don't have. Have a loving family. Want Money. Have Money. Want a loving family. Have both. Want none. 
I somehow find myself changing from this forever trend of mine. I am content with the life I have right now. I have the perfect blend of love and money, freedom and care, choices and rules and work and self-time. For the first time in a long time I am happy. Happy in a way that I wake up every morning and actually look forward to the day. 

I just hope this lasts.


You know you want to tell me I am awesomesauce. Go ahead.

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