Checklist Frenzy.

I tend to have the longest checklist nearing exams. And since exams are round the corner (November) the checklist is almost ready: 
  • Get hair streaks done. Planned : Red and electric blue. 
  • Open a bank account because I am a lousy saver and I forget why I spent money and where I kept the rest of it. Resulting in finding them in random jean's pockets. 
  • Save money and buy a Galaxy Note. People going gaga over the Samsung-Iphone case and then suddenly opposing Samsung, please don't care to comment. Samsung has always been my first love. 
  • Buy some cosmetics and prepare myself to look like a girl. 
  • Shop for formal clothes for work. 
  • Get a haircut. On that note have you noticed HOW FUCKING EXPENSIVE HAIRCUTS ARE THESE DAYS? I mean 750 bucks just for snip snapping the scissors a few times? Bitch please! I'd rather do that snip snapping at home myself. 
  • Download all new seasons of Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Supernatural and Two and a Half Men that are going to premiere by the end of September.
  • Also watch all of them. ;)
Now most of them are going to be accomplished post November. Provided I maintain the same level of enthusiasm after exams as well. 


  1. i spent 500 bucks on haircut 2 days ago and when I got back home, NOBODY could notice the difference! I want a bob cut now but damn im broke!
    And oh, I want red streaks too but my hair's still not in its best condition so gotta wait for that too :(
    P.S. i dunno where all my money disappears either. :\
    I'm planning to *save* for an iPhone. (although i'm broke) and i'm makin people pay for my iPad too.

  2. Ugh! Money disappearing into nowhere is so common these days! I don't remember spending them at all at anything other than books! And I want streaks too. Been over a year I've been wanting those! :(


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