Happily Ever After. A myth.

Liking someone is easy. Loving is even easier. But deciding whether you are ready to love them all your life that is hard. If only it were as easy as they show in movies. Meet. Get to know each other. Fall in love. Have a huge fight. Break-up. Realising that even breathing seemed hard without him. Getting back together. And they live happily ever after. The end.

While in reality there is NO happily ever after. There is only happy right now. Was happy back then. But NO happily ever after.

Today there is so much to love. Especially in India, where only love for the person doesn't work. You have to literally love his whole family. The more the people the more chances of things going wrong. The more the ambitions and the conflicting social ideas the more chances of the relationships not working.

I don't know. Love is supposed to be easy. Effortless. But grouped together with social expectations, self priorities and mental stature it is nothing less than a war strategy.


  1. I look at this way :
    You get to have a lot of happily ever afters! :]
    Love isn't about that ONE person whom you spend your life with.
    You fall in love, fall out. You fall more.
    There is only happy right now.
    And that, is enough.. For now! :]

    @Tales of her and by her.
    @Teenage Babblings

  2. true! nicely said, completely agree with 3rd paragraph

  3. @Blahblaholic : Seriously. I totally agree. Happily right now is the way to go.

    @Mahathi Ramya: Glad Mahathi.

  4. A guy in India will give you a happily ever after only if Mummy approves :|


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