13th November 2012.

Sometimes I have a feeling that I don't fit here.
Starting with Diwali cleanings to bursting crackers I find myself more and more disinterested each year.
I just don't seem to get it. What's the fun in bursting a firecracker? Is it worth the noise and air pollution it makes and the innocent animals it scares? Even if one isn't environmentally aware, are crackers worth the amount of money they cost?
I don't get the point. Did Diwali, the festival of lights originally mean plastering the ulteriors of your house in Chinese L.E.D lights with no creativity whatsoever, with the sole purpose of having more and shinier lights than your neighbors?
Did it mean packing small gifts in huge boxes and glossy papers or gifting a truckload of sweets at a house that comprises only of the elderly and the both being diabetic?
I have no idea.
With an atheist's point of view the prayers had stopped making sense to me a long time back. But now I am just losing my ability to get and understand people's point of view as well.

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