Peperone Handbags. ♥

Never underestimate the power of a bag. 

I was recently introduced to this amazing and huge world of bags by a (very girly *cough*) friend. Earlier I would distinguish a bag from another just by it's color. But oh my the world of bags is not that simple. Slings, handbags, totes, envelopes and what not. I now regret living half of my life in ignorance.

Bags have this superpower of making you look uber cool even if what you are wearing is pure boring. Provided the bag is all shades of chic and fabs.

Now in this era of online shopping buying bags is super easy. Also bags don't really come with size complications so paranoid people can buy them too. But the hard part is finding a great bag that gives you great value for your money. I recently stumbled upon this brand on twitter : Peperone. Besides having handbags that you'll fall in love at first site they have these handbags at affordable prizes. What more can a girl want?

Now I'll just let the pictures do the talking. The first bag is the one I received from Peperone since they are very humble people who give away bags to nice people. (*cough*). Also if you follow me on twitter you'll know how big a deal it was for me.

These are some other bags from the site. 

The red alternative for the bag which I received.

My personal favorite in the clutch section. 

The prettiest sling.

You can go and see their entire collection at: 

You can also find the brand at Flipkart, Jabong and other online shopping portals. They are literally all over the internet. 


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  2. Thank you for this wonderful piece on us!
    Eagerly looking forward to your next shopping experience with us :)


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